Career and Life Skills

Emergent Learning oversaw the entire production of the student edition as well as all teacher resources from authorship through final files to the printer and web.

Exploring Careers book cover

Exploring Careers for the 21st Century

This text enables students to identify their career interests, aptitudes, and learning styles while exploring career opportunities. Students learn about the most promising career pathways and connect academic achievement to real-world success. The text features and emphasis on personal finance and entrepreneurship.


Life Skills book cover

Life Skills for the 21st Century: Building a Foundation for Success

This essential text teaches students to think critically about the choices they make and to take control of their lives. Presents 21st Century Skills (critical thinking, problem solving, productivity, etc.) and how they are used within the five critical areas of responsible living:  Family, Peers, School, Work and Community.

The Personal Academic Plan teaches students the value of staying in school, highlights dropout risk factors, and provides intervention strategies for teachers.


Economics and Personal Finance book cover

Economics and Personal Finance, A Virginia Course

This text was developed in conjunction with the State of Virginia Department of Education to meet the needs of students taking a new, mandated course in personal finance. Emergent Learning worked with Pearson Education to adapt material from existing texts as well as create original material to meet the unique standards of the course.